Notable Ascents

photo: Rachel Spitzer

New Routes & First Ascents


Zanskar Range, Jammu and Kashmir ,India

*First Ascent, Tarre Parbat, Unattached, WI3, AI4, M4, 5.6, 600 meters (2015)


Newfoundland, Canada

*First Ascent,  Apocalypse Now, WI7, M9, 300 meters (2015)


Himalaya, Nepal, Khumbu

*First Ascent, Lungartse Peak, 6,070 meters, Colombian Direct, TD, AI4, 1,200 meters, 90’ (2013)


Cordillera Quimsa Cruz, Bolivia, Calzonani Valley

*First Ascent, Peak 34, Este es Para Ti, ~500 meters, 6b R, ~5,163 meters, summit (2013)


Himalaya, Pakistan, Khane Valley

*New Route, Peak 25, Southeast Face, ~350 meters, 5.10 R, 80 degrees, not to summit (2012)


Himalaya, India, Miyar Valley

 *First Ascent Dome Peak, Southeast Face, 5.10+ 1,000 meters, 5,650 meters, summit (2010)

*First Ascent James Point, South East Ridge, 5.10, 600 meters 5,200 meters, summit (2010)

*First Ascent Toro Peak, Directisima, 5.9, 600 meters, 5200 meters, summit (2008)

*First Ascent, Tamanodog Peak, Long Life Ridge 5.9 1,200 meters, 5800 meters, summit (2008)


Cochamo Valley, Patagonia, Chile

*New Route, Milton Adams Wall, Welcome to the Jungle, 5.12, not to summit (2011)


Colombia, Sierra Nevada del Cocuy, South America

*First Ascent, Ritacuba Blanco, South Pillar, 600m, 5.10+ AI3 5,300 meters (2012)

*First Ascent, The Grand Traverse, 6 peaks above 5000 meters, alpine style (2009)

Ice /Mixed Climbs

Cho-Oyu, Himalaya ,Tibet, 8,201m, no summit (2011)

Birdbrain Boulevard, Ouray, Colorado, WI5, M6

Ames Ice Hose, Ouray, Colorado, WI5, M6 R

Bridalveil Falls, Ouray, Colorado, WI5-6

French Reality, 5.8, WI6+, Stanley Headwall BC, Canada

Nemasis, WI6, Stanley Headwall, BC, Canada

Aguja Poincenot, The Whillans Route, 550m, 5+, M4, 70°, Patagonia, Argentina

Aguja Guillaumet, Amy Couloir, 200m, 5, 65˚, Patagonia, Argentina

Pisco, Southwest Ridge, 5,752m, Cordillera Blanca, Peru

Vallunarraju, North Face, 5,686m, Cordillera Blanca, Peru

Alpine Rock & Big Wall Climbs

Cerro Fitz Roy, The Affanacief, 1,500m, 6c, Patagonia, Argentina (2013) *First US woman ascent

New variation of Aguja Guillaumet, Brenner Ridge, 450m, 6c, Patagonia, Argentina

Aguja Mermoz, Hypermermoz, 350m 6c Patagonia, Argentina

The Nose, El Capitan, 5.9 C2 Yosemite, CA

The Salathe, El Capitan 5.9 C2 Yosemite, CA

The Zodiac, El Capitan 5.7 A3 Yosemite, CA

South Face of Mount Watkins, 5.9 C2 Yosemite, CA

Half Dome, North West Face, 5.9 C2 Yosemite, CA

Leaning Tower, Wet Denim Daydream, 5.6 A3 Yosemite, CA

Tangerine Trip, El Capitan A3, (solo attempt) Yosemite, CA


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